Hello, welcome to my site!  I hope you find things that interest you.  

I am a critic and artist.  My background is in 20th century American poetry.  My biggest influences as a writer are the American poetic tradition represented by Harold Bloom and Jewish literature, as well as a literary-musical-visual tradition represented by William Blake and, behind him, William Shakespeare.   

I've been writing my whole life, and began drawing more seriously in 2021, during a hard time in my life and covid.  I've also been playing music my whole life, and also started writing songs during covid. Bob Dylan is my main influence.  I'm inspired by Dylan, as well as Ben Katchor, and Manny Farber, because these are artists who have explored many different forms in successful ways - Dylan through singer-songwriting, performance, acting, welding, visual art, drawing, directing, radio, even a kind of theater in terms of live music and the set up of the stage; Katchor in terms of his graphic novels, collaborations with Mark Mulcahy on music-theater that involve the usage of drawings and performance as an integral aspect of the storytelling, and "The Julius Knipl Radio Cartoons" produced by David Isay based on the Julius Knipl comic strip; and Manny Farber's work as a critic and visual artist.     

As a critic, I'm interested in questions about art form, character, and tone.  I like work that is syncretic, that can honor tradition enough to break it. I also like critics, like Bloom, or Clement Greenberg, or Manny Farber, or Albert Murray, who aren't afraid to say what they think, but have enough understanding to speak helpfully and provocatively.  I don't see a big difference at the end of the day between the best artwork and criticism, since I learned how to be an artist by reading, looking at artwork, and listening to music.