My music could be classified as alternative folk or different kinds of art song, and more recently an interest in classical and occasional music.    

My first album, Zampano's Song, is an homage to the characters of Zampano and Gelsomina in Federico Felinni's La Strada.    

My second album, Ideas, is about my favorite artists and artworks, from Pablo Picasso to Agnes Martin and Edouard Manet.  

My third album, Carla James, played with a band, is based on Homer's The Odyssey, and is intended to be a musical voyage using alternative folk rock as a ship to sail on that wine-red sea.    

I've come out with two EPs, Grape Brioche and Me and You.  Three singles, "Gatorade," "White Food," and "Strawberry Wine Pie" are companion pieces to the three songs on Me and You.

My latest project, The Spontaneous Synesthesia Trilogy, which combines Improvised Tone PoemsImprovised Story Songs, and Improvised Painting Song Talks, is an attempt to explore through music possibilities related to other art forms, including questions about performance, narration, description, imagination, and relationships between words, melodies, and images.  

And I've released three other singles, "Love Doesn't Pity," "Bound Tight," and "When I Try, Like a Fly."   

Links to my music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other streaming services.    






Spontaneous Synesthesia Trilogy